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Amanda Weston

Hey my name is Amanda Weston, and welcome to the studio! A few years ago, after college I was in need of an outlet to help me relax and move my body in. I was completely new to yoga when discovering this studio and have been so grateful ever since! I teach here now, and absolutely love it. 

I teach heated Vinyasa, Bikram, Inferno Hot Pilates’s, FitFlow & TRX yoga. I believe my commitment to keep coming back to yoga each week is what has changed my world for the better. I went to school for psychology and although I am not actually doing psychology, I keep finding how yoga and psychology are deeply connected. 

In class I always tell my students to mindfully work with connecting their mind and their bodies, practicing conscious awareness. To often our mind and body go into automatic mode or auto pilot mode because of our daily routines for example. The more regularly we practice moving through mindfulness (or conscious awareness) the easier it becomes and the less automaticity we operate. The mind is so powerful and when the conscious mind is synchronized with the body, great positive change and healing can happen. 

No matter what class you come to, the inviting space at go2yoga will help you reach more wholeness, more mindfulness and over all increased fitness & wellbeing!