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Caroline McCartney

Caroline began yoga as a way to cope with anxiety and depression that stemmed from an unhealthy lifestyle. After moving from Northern California to Southern California with no connections, she was forced to face her fears which eventually led her to a yoga studio. The practice then led her back to her roots of Calaveras County, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. After grounding back home and practicing at local studios, she decided it was time to continue her journey and moved to San Francisco. Caroline completed the Spring 2018 YTT at Go2Yoga. She thanks Jami Bailey, Lisa Kenyon and Tommy Antoon for their mentorship, support, and nonstop belief in her. She also thanks her dear friend and fellow yoga teacher, Kelsey Peck, for her guidance and being the first person to encourage her to do a training. Caroline strives to lead enriching classes that focus on technique, alignment, inspiration, spirituality, self-inquiry, self-acceptance, and creativity. She teaches heated and non-heated Vinyasa and Hatha.