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Giulia Defant

Giulia began her yoga practice as way to reconnect with her body and mind. She felt she had found a health routine she could truly make her own and soon discovered so could anyone else. Yoga helped her regain her strength and confidence by cultivating compassion, creating a safe space of expression, and facilitating the conversation between the brain and the body into a working relationship. She was inspired to become a teacher to learn more about the philosophical system of yoga beyond the physical benefits. In January of 2017 she embarked on a journey to India and Nepal where she became a 500-hours registered yoga teacher under the guide of Yogi Chentan Mahesh. In May of 2018 she also became a trauma-informed certifyed yoga instructor through ‘Exhale to Inhale’ NYC. Since then she has been teaching in various settings, from her local yoga studio, to her university staff and student, and to homeless shelters.

 Giulia also recently graduated from the University of Minnesota Morris with a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology.