Katie Minahan

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 6 years prior to embarking on my 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. My teacher training coincided with a time when I was deciding to leave my athletic training career to embark on a year of travel. This period of intense practice and learning about yoga provided a space for me to process the emotions of this life change.

 Thankfully, I was able to teach yoga while traveling and share this practice with fellow travelers. I realized yoga was crucial aspect of traveling as it continued to provide space for students to pause and reflect on their experiences. Amidst the constant change and chaos of travel, yoga could be their, and my, constant. It also helped keep my body strong and fresh for the rigors of travel.

 I’ve since returned home to the Bay Area and am happy to have found the community at PBY and Go2Yoga. My power vinyasa class will help you feel strong from the inside out, providing a consistent space to process the constant change and chaos of life. See you on the mat!